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Are you thinking about selling your home? Did you know that listing your house and selling to a traditional buyer isn’t your only option? You can avoid the headache of conventional listing and sell your home located in North Florida to Glast Heim Home Buyers. Today, we’re diving into what it looks like to sell with us, Glast Heim home Buyers, versus listing your house with an agent.

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Inspections and Financing Contingency

Did you know that 15% of sales fall through after inspections because of inspection or financing contingencies? Glast Heim Home Buyers does not require an inspection and does not have any inspection or financing contingencies set in place.


Appraisal of Your Home

The sale of your home is often subject to appraisal when selling with an agent and listing your home on the market. However, no appraisal is needed when you choose to sell your house to Glast Heim Home Buyers. We make cash offers!


Showings and Open Houses

Preparing and showing your home for an open house is stressful and inconvenient. You never know how many times you’ll have to clean your house for a scheduled open house. Not to mention how many short-notice showings may come up and leave you scrambling to tidy up. When you sell your home to Glast Heim Home Buyers, you only have to show your house once.


Making Home Repairs

If your home needs a lot of repairs, you can count on a traditional buyer requiring you to pay for repairs. This is typically negotiated during the inspection period. But, with Glast Heim Home Buyers, we will pay for all repairs.


The Time it Takes to Sell

Even in a seller’s market like Florida’s, it can take days months for your home to sell. The average home in North Florida takes more than 90 days to sell. With Glast Heim Home Buyers, you can get an offer and close, with cash in your hands, in as few as seven days.


Closing Date

Glast Heim Home Buyers allows flexibility when it comes to the closing date. We want to close on the date of your choosing! Traditional listings leave you waiting 30-60 days to close after you’ve accepted the buyer’s offer.


Commission Fees and Closing Costs

Avoid commissions, closing costs, and other fees with Glast Heim Home Buyers. We will not charge a commission fee, unlike the 6% you, the seller, would pay your agent. Additionally, we will cover all closing costs, unlike the 2% you, as the seller, would be responsible for paying.


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We won’t be able to offer you full retail value for your home. However, Glast Heim Home Buyers provides many benefits that traditional listings cannot. We offer cash for homes regardless of their condition. Are you facing foreclosure, lots of repairs, or need to move sooner than later? It does not matter! Glast Heim Home Buyers wants to buy your home today. Fill out our online form or call us with any questions to get your cash offer now!

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