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As part of our business here at Glast Heim LLC, we purchase a large number of properties that meet our criteria. Every house we purchase, or have under contract for purchase, is a property that we’ve already vetted for ourselves. This means that we’ve already done all the work we use to ensure our targeted returns as investors ourselves. If the property meets our criteria, it might meet yours too! By filling out the short form below, you can join our buyers list and receive updates whenever we acquire new properties. Find your next flip, jump start your rental portfolio, or level the property for that prime piece of land! The choice is yours, but we would love to hear from you! (850) 888-0371

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By joining our Glast Heim LLC buyers list, you help turn a win-win situation into a win-win-win deal. We purchase a lot of houses for our own projects, but eventually everyone runs out of money. When we run out of money, we can’t help anyone else with their problem house until we liquidate some of our inventory. By joining our buyers list below, you provide us the opportunity to help more people (the first win), help you grow you business along side us (the second win), and earn a reasonable return in the process (the final win). Everyone leaves the table happy with the outcome. We couldn’t ask for a better chance, so join us now!

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